My first “link” with Reena took place many years ago when I sat in Toby Battle’s kitchen in the 70’s and she explained what Reena was all about, and asked if I was interested in participating in some volunteer events. Flash forward to the 90’s when I met up with Sandy Keshen, the strategy guru, at a meeting and offered to do more volunteer work. The next day Sandy called to tell me I was on Reena’s CQI Committee…..and the saga continues. Reena has the most dedicated and compassionate employees and volunteers and it is a pleasure and privilege to work with Sandy Stemp, Bryan Keshen, and the Board as they demonstrate such amazing leadership and vision. I look forward to many more bowling and “rumbling” events in the future. So congratulations Reena on your 50th Anniversary! And be sure to visit to learn more about the life-changing work Reena has accomplished over the decades, as well as the year-long celebrations.